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Women in Science

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Video clip: When Anna’s daughter started school she was glad that meetings are now held at lunch time instead of 5.00pm.

And what’s your opinion of Athena SWAN? Do you think it’s been helpful or not?

I think it’s been terrifically helpful. I think this carrot approach of only awarding money if you have got a best practice in place has been instrumental in many of the changes that have happened across our department over the last three years. For a classic example would be; we have management team meetings within our department and these are the meetings where important decisions are taken about the department, and they used to happen at five o’clock in the evening. That didn’t use to be a problem, but when my daughter started school and her pick up time changed from the flexibility I had within the nursery, which was, which was on site, that, I knew that wasn’t going to be sustainable. I didn’t have to make a big fuss about anything because at the same time Athena SWAN was saying that meetings had to happen in core hours. So I benefitted from the change that was taken with having that meeting at lunchtimes. So it’s little things like that. You can imagine if all the working parents around the table were unable to be at the meetings where important decisions were taken that would that would be certainly be a disadvantage.