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Women in Science

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Video clip: Jenny explains how her unit tries to accommodate women’s preferences when they return to work after maternity leave, though part-time or flexible working.

Can you think of any key things, you say the culture’s changed a bit. Can you give me…

The culture’s changed, well I suppose we’ve addressed things like flexible working, we’d started to think about flexible working before we were told we had to think about it.


We’ve tried where possible in the past to, to accommodate to people’s return to work after maternity leave, for example. But now we have a policy to deal with that or, or a proper process to deal with that whereas before we were dealing with it but we weren’t dealing with it in a very systematic way.

So people can come back part-time if they want to?

Yes. Yes, if it’s, if it’s possible to accommodate, where it’s possible to accommodate the job to people returning part-time we will always try to do that. And lots of, and there’s lots of examples of people, people doing that. And we now, of course, would advertise jobs wherever possible as part-time or full-time.