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Women in Science

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Video clip: Fran believes that women who have a career break are disadvantaged because they are not up to date on the literature and techniques have moved on. She thinks that people who have children need support.

If you step out of science for a number of years, there is a huge amount of progress that’s gone on in that intervening time. You feel disadvantaged. You’re not up on the literature, you may, the techniques may have moved on. Your network with colleagues has moved on and it’s a huge psychological and practical barrier to people coming back into science. So I think we need to make having children a stage in, in people’s careers that is actively supported and that we keep contact and we have mechanisms so that people can come in for maybe two or three hours a week, or you know go to a meeting, or go to, to keep that network going and I think there are much more practical ways that we can support female colleagues at an early stage of their career to get them through this phase.