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Women in Science

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Video clip: Leanne thinks that men are more likely than women to get ‘sponsored’ and men are more likely than women to be taken seriously.

Do you think that you’ve had the same opportunities as men working in your area would you say?

I would say it’s been more limited, if I’m honest. I think men may get a bit more for want of a better word, “sponsored.”

If you were a man you might get sponsored more easily?

Yes. And it’s not financially. I think it’s the support sometimes of the more senior people around you. And I don’t think I’m, I think I get some support but I know, you can see that more support is sometimes given to a man. So I think it’s been slightly harder for a female to be taken seriously than a male.

Do you have, is that just your gut feeling or have you got any evidence?

It’s sort of my gut feeling at times, and maybe it’s because I don’t, men maybe make more of a song and a dance whereas I tend not to, I guess. But it’s, I think if I look at the people at the same level it’s been done a little bit quicker for a man than for me.

You’ve had to struggle a bit.

Yeah. It’s been a bit more of a challenge.