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Women in Science

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Video clip: Jane believes that sexism is deeply ingrained in our way of thinking, and that women still face of a lot of barriers which make it hard for them to progress with their careers.

Over the years you’re, you’re working in a department, I see with heads of department are all male. Over the years what sort of feelings have you had about gender? Have you found there’s been discrimination as far as gender is concerned or not?


As a woman have you found it difficult at times?

I think it [sexism], it’s just deep seeped into the fabric of the culture in which we work. I think it’s very difficult because a lot of individuals are conscious of what’s going on and try to make it better and they recognise what some of the barriers are and consciously help to address them. My boss that I mentioned recognised what the challenges were; so it’s hard to say that nothing is done. It’s hard to say that sexism is rife and nobody helps because they do I think it’s, it’s just so steeped into our society very deeply sort of ingrained in our, in our way of thinking. I think there are a lot of barriers that still remain yes I do.