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Women in Science

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Video clip: Eleanor’s partner shares responsibility for the children, and does his fair share in managing the home, planning meals and organising after school clubs.

Yes, so up until, up until two years ago I’ve always worked part-time. So I’ve only just really gone full time, but I guess by part-time I mean four days a week, but I would always have a least one day off in the week and he would always work flexibly too. So we’ve always you know shared the time off for the kids.

And I think fathers taking an equal role has to mean just that. So it has to mean taking responsibility for the home and the kids which I think is still quite unusual. So although I think you know fathers will often spend some allocated time, taking responsibility for managing the home is quite different and I think that’s still quite unusual for the male partner to take responsibility for organising the after school clubs, buying the clothes, for planning the meals.

And he does that?

Yes, yes. So that, you know that aspect is 50:50 in that responsibility kind of way and I think that’s unusual and I feel very lucky in that respect. Yes.