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Women in Science

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Interview excerpt: Katja’s husband is also an academic. He stayed at home for two days a week to look after the baby and the other three days the baby went to a nursery. 

Portrait of Katja Gehmlich© Women in ScienceTo make the transition [to nursery] for our daughter a bit more gentle, my husband did two days a week for one month, just ‘daddy’ days and that worked well. My daughter went three days to nursery, stayed two days at home with daddy and I could go back to work full-time. And now she’s full time at nursery. Yeah, I’m full time back at work and enjoy it.

I think there is still the stereotype that when you have children, it’s the woman who stays at home and will take care of the kids. But I think hopefully also this is changing and I think my husband imight be an example that it’s not only the women who is stay at home looking after the kids.