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Women in Science

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Audio clip: Persephone’s husband also had a research job with flexible hours, so he was able to ‘share everything equally.’ Child care needed a lot of organisation.

Did your husband share some of the child care duties at that stage?

Yes, I’d been really lucky to have, so my husband had a job exactly like mine and I think that helped because we both understood exactly what the other one was doing. And so yes, we, we tried to sort of share everything equally, and so one of us would come in to work very early in the morning and the other one would take the children to nursery and then the evening, the one who had come in early would then pick the children up from nursery…


…and the one who had come in later would then stay later into the evening. But it, it did make it very challenging and also trying to sort of work on a schedule where you’re coming in early some days and you know, not other days and then there are also other days when you know we had to travel or whatever and then the one who was left at home would have to take care of everything.