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Women in Science

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Video clip: Molly said that the idea of having children and working as a scientist was ‘terrifying.’ She has been encouraged by mentors who had successful careers and partners who shared child care.

Do you ever wonder how you’re going to manage if you ever wanted to have children and juggling that sort of life?

Yeah it’s terrifying. It’s terrifying and I have thought a lot about that and the comforting thing is that many of my mentors have children and they are still extremely successful and they are successful because, I think they manage it because they have very, very supportive partners and you know having talked to a lot of people about this the number one piece of advice is it really matters who you choose as a partner, because if you want to have a family and maintain your career it’s essential that you have a partner who’s an equal and shares in the duties of a family. And so that’s, that’s the number one criteria I think.