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Women in Science

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Video clip: Anushka’s husband is very supportive, and for a while was the main person dropping off and picking up their children from nursery, but Anushka took responsibility for organising child care.

What sort of role did your husband play in childcare?

So he was pretty active, still is, and in fact for a large period of time he was probably the main person doing the sort of drop off and pick up, because the nursery for a long time was actually right by where he works. And so I was quite, I was lucky, I was quite well supported in that respect. I guess when it came to organising and still now when it comes to sort of organising, Oh if one of the Grandma’s is away or can’t make it, and figuring out an alternative plan, that definitely still comes down to me, but if I ask him can you, you know can you go and pick them up or drop them off then he, he will try to do that.

Yeah, he’s been really supportive and in fact on a few occasions he’s actually come with me to a conference or a meeting. I can think of a couple of occasions where I’ve not wanted to leave one of the children because they’ve been young and I’ve been breastfeeding them, so he’s actually taken time off and we’ve all just gone together, so he’s been very supportive.