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Women in Science

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Video clip: When Marian’s children were small she wanted to be their main carer. Now that they are older she and her husband ‘juggle’ what has to be done between them.

What was his role in child care? You say he probably took a week off?

At that stage but I, we certainly, now it’s entirely equitable. We juggle what has to be done between us and I guess we’re fortunate in that we both have research careers so there’s that bit of flexibility. He does the clinical work, patient, direct patient care which I don’t, and it’s, the time when he’s on acute care is very different in that I guess I do more of the, the bulk of the child care. But I don’t think I’d have wanted it any different in terms of the time I got to spend with them when they were tiny. And that was very much my choice.

And you made a deliberate decision to work part-time.


Was that from when you had the first child until they went to school?

So I worked four days a week from when from when my oldest was seven months and then I went down to three days a week after I had my second and worked three days a week until shortly after the youngest, the third went to school.