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Women in Science

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Video clip: When Jane had children she hoped that her husband would share child care responsibilities 50:50 but that is not what happened.

And what sort of role did your partner or husband take with the child care?

He would see this differently to me I think. He did what he could and perhaps if I summarise a huge, you know a huge challenge, I think his view was that he was contributing. My view was that there was an enormous amount of work for want of a better word to be done to support the children, of which he did the bit’s he could do. My picture of what I thought we’d be doing would be sharing that 50:50 but that is not what happened and as I talk to lots of other women I think many women are in the same situation or never thought that they’d share it half and half. And many women, I think we all cope with, we’re all copers, we all get on with it but we accept the unacceptable in my view, because it’s better than the alternative.