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Women in Science

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Video clip: When her children were babies Tao received a great deal of help and support from both sets of grand-parents. Later her children attended a nursery.

So you got married in China before you came here?

Yes, yes, yes.

And did you have any children at that point?

Yes, one year’s old. So I had to leave my little baby behind for the first year until I settled down. It’s quite common in China for grandparents look after the children, so that we can get on with our career. So she came back one and a half years after, after I settled and I registered for my PhD and so everything went kind of alright.

To go back to your second child, what role did your husband play in childcare at that time?

Actually both our parents helped. So my parents came when I was pregnant and stayed until the baby was eight months old. Yes, then his parents came. Stayed for another eight months and we also sent, like when my child was eight months, we sent her to the nursery. So we got a lot of, a lot of help from grandparents which, which is great.