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Women in Science

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Video clip: Blanca stressed the need to make it clear to women returning from maternity leave that they can work from home and have flexible hours.

So for me stopping [work] completely for 6 months and then coming back would have been impossible and impossible for me, impossible for my students, impossible for my baby, impossible for everybody. So I took the opportunity of the flexibility and I just worked with my baby before and after and they were good babies so, especially the first two, the second, well the third one was rubbish, in terms of sleeping. But yes, flexibility is everything I think.


And I suggested in the department that they should make women coming back from maternity leave aware of the fact that they can work from home and that, that should be made official if possible because some of them are very, are just too responsible and they would be in, you know, they would want to be in the office or, you know, be very clear about working hours and everything. And I think during those months after, when you come back to work, flexibility is really, really important not to feel completely overwhelmed by everything.