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Women in Science

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Video clip: Samira applied for a university nursery place as soon as she was pregnant. She thought that the university nursery had very high standards.

Neither my husband nor I had access to immediate family support, so really my son went into a university nursery initially. And that worked very well because it was close enough that I could respond quickly to emergencies. The slight difficulty was that in my case at least my spouse has a completely inflexible clinical job, which meant that emergencies often have to be dealt with by myself, but I think with the right level of organisation things do work out.

And did you manage to find a place at university nursery fairly easily?

Yes so I applied very, very much as soon as I found out that I was pregnant. So almost a year before the nursery place was needed and I was offered a nursery place of my first choice.

Oh good.

So that was wonderful and I found that the nursery that my son went into was of, of very high standards.