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Women in Science

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Video clip: Jane’s children are 16 and 18 and still need care and support. Jane thinks that society is ‘selling a myth’ about family responsibility only lasting until the child starts school.

So to go back to your children, how old are they now?

Sixteen and Eighteen.

So do they [the children] still need quite a lot of support? I guess they do?

Yes I mean the fallacy that it’s [only when the children are little], you know again we have to be careful about the myths we sell women, the notion that you know you’ve just got the pre-school thing, or in the primary school, actually that’s just not true. I mean I haven’t even got into the twenties, but people tell me that what a parent will want to be doing is still supporting, still going when the child’s ill. Never mind becoming grandparents and so forth. If we believe that supporting our families is important that’s lifelong. So you can’t think, ‘Oh well I’ll just do it for five years when the children are little.’ That isn’t good enough. In fact it gets harder I think, so we’re selling a myth and we need to stop doing that.

I actually think it’s impossible. I think it’s impossible the business of being a woman, being a person with caring responsibilities and living life in the way that people want to live it and do the job that we’re being sold we can do. And I think, I think it’s, I think it’s impossible.