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Women in Science

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Video clip: As a single parent Maggie said that she couldn’t have managed without a nanny. She took the view that it was quality time with her son that mattered more than quantity.

We had a nanny, and I couldn’t have managed without a nanny I don’t think. I took the view that at the time that it was quality not quantity with your child that mattered. My supervisor had had two pregnancies while I was her student and had come back to work straight away and had done full days and had, had a full time nanny. So I kind of just copied what she did, I suppose. So I used to get up in the morning and spend lots of time with my son but not getting dressed or anything like that. And so when the nanny came I just used to shoot out and he used to, she used to get him ready and things. And in the evenings I used to always make sure I was trying to do something with him, even if I was late. We used to go swimming. I used to do things where I could take him swimming. That would be instead of the bath. Get him showered afterwards, get him ready for bed and then we’d go to a fish and chip shop. So I tried to make my, my work around it.