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Women in Science

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Video clip: When Barbara’s daughter started school she employed au pairs to help with child care. She strongly recommends this type of support at home.

And, and who looked after the baby after you went back to work? Did you have a nursery?

Yes I used the University nursery. That was a great success. Fantastic. You know, my daughter still says, ‘The best time. The best time.’ [laughs] She really, really liked it there and enjoyed it, which was a great relief for me. When she started school, then things started to be much more complicated. But before then…

Complicated because she came out of school at three or…?

Yes and all of this, and holidays and half terms and all of these issues and they are almost incompatible with someone working full time or having. So that was when I started having au pairs. Again a fantastic experience that I would strongly recommend. Actually this one I feel, I would recommend because these young women that came to live with us and brought a lot to the household, you know, their interests. Some of them were musical. Some were artistic and all of them I felt, and this is incredible really to say, because I didn’t expect it, were completely on my side. Even more so than family. So absolutely willing to support me and help me. I thought I was, it was a great experience.

By on your side, you mean your decision to work full time and carry on with your career?

Yes, they were on my side also trying to help me achieve what I wanted to achieve and really, you know, helped me with my daughter, with the house, with everything. You know, it was really…I am still in touch with all of them.