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Women in Science

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Video clip: Marian planned when to start her family. She explained that it is more difficult to conceive as women get older and that pregnancy gets more risky too.

Did you make a conscious decision to start your, having your children then or was it something that wasn’t particularly planned?

No, I made a very conscious decision. I guess I would probably have been ready a couple of years earlier but my husband wasn’t, but I was clear that I didn’t want to wait till I was; so I was 31 when I had my first. I work in maternal and child health and I know that actually pregnancy becomes more risky when you’re older and you know you might not get pregnant when you want to and all of those motivated me to not wait to have a family, and I always knew it would be around about 30 when I was going to, so it was planned.

Thank you. Had you finished your registrar training?

So I got pregnant when I was an SHO and I was just about to become a Registrar.

And was that quite a good time?

So that’s quite a good time. Yes.