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Women in Science

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Video clip: Catherine was a clinical lecturer and training to be a consultant when she had her first baby. She was 34 and decided that she shouldn’t leave it any longer.

How did you decide it was a good time to get pregnant?


You were at that stage, how old?

Thirty-four and I knew I wanted more than one child and I thought, ‘Right, well we better get cracking.’ That’s right. So I was in the Clinical Lectureship [phase], pootling through my training. Pootling through trials and it was a question of it, sounds awful, but the clock was starting to tick a little.

Did you still have a lot of clinical training to finish?

I did, yes. So I was about two years through.

So sort of specialist registrar?

Specialist registrar post. Because I’d made sure that the research that I was doing was sufficiently clinically laden that it could count towards my training. I was doing an awful lot of clinical work. I was doing a bit of teaching as well on the side but less than I now do.