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Women in Science

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Video clip: Kristina reflects that there is never a 'right time' to have a family and people should plan their career after their life.

And I think it's important to realise that there's no right time for family. Don't plan your life after your career. Plan your career after life, if you can plan it and everyone's going to tell you that it's the wrong time to have children. Never listen to them. I had a PhD student coming into me in France and she had told her advisor that she was pregnant and he was like, “Oh you're never going to finish your PhD and da, de, da.” And I was like, “No, congratulations. It's a great time to have a baby. I mean, why do you care about what he…” And of course, she's published more papers than he has [laughs] and is very successful so don't listen to people and if you end up saying, “no I don't want to do it because of my family,” well maybe you would have reached that conclusion anyhow.