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Women in Science

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Video clip: Samira had six months maternity leave on full pay and then three months on statutory pay. She feels grateful for maternity leave arrangements at Oxford.

Did the university pay you maternity pay while you were off?

Yes they did.

Oh that’s good. How long does the university pay maternity leave?

I think in my case it was six months full pay and then three months on statutory pay I think.

I: So that’s,

That’s wonderful I think. I have sisters who are clinicians back in in Algeria and there’s no such thing as maternity leave. So I think when you look at it in that context we are in a way very fortunate.

So you finished this short second post doc, and then you went off to have the baby?


Did you keep in touch with colleagues at all while you were away on maternity leave or did you have a complete break?

Well I carried on keeping in touch with colleagues for the purpose of finishing off papers and various articles that I was working on at the time. So I did keep in touch and I think that was really important because I never then felt detached completely from science, which was really helpful at times when child care can be quite demanding.

And then when the baby was how old did you decide to come back again to work?

So eight months.