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Women in Science

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Video clip: Fran says that it is a ‘constant battle’ to get external funding and that all this grant writing may be a reason why some people don’t want to become academics.

So I was then employed in the Biochemistry Department, by the Department, for a number of years. And then I moved to the Pharmacology department in about 2006 and I’ve been employed here by the Department since then.

So you haven’t had to worry about getting external funding or have you?

Well, I, not for my own salary but for everybody in my lab. That’s a constant battle of getting external funding and that’s something that is again, I think it’s quite a, a burden for the, it’s certainly a burden for the research community, and I think it’s also something that is one of the factors that puts women off from running labs is that you have to be endlessly writing grants to get in money to keep the staff in your lab. You’ve got to be going to meetings and networking with your colleagues. You’ve got to be writing papers and you’ve got to be doing all your other administrative tasks and I think it’s quite a, you know, quite a set of things to juggle...


... and I think it can put a lot of people off from looking at academic science as a, as a sane career to go into.