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Women in Science

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Video clip: Eleanor leads a consortium which involves 22 applicants. She says that writing an application that involves many groups is another set of skills.

I’m interested in Hepatitis C virus infection and I’ve been working on a T-cell vaccine for that for some years now. I’m still working on that, trying to generate a T-cell vaccine that will prevent people from getting infected from multiple strains of hepatitis C virus. So that’s one aspect of my work. And then I, I head up a national consortium around stratified medicine in hepatitis C. There’s 22 partners, they’re a mixture of academic, clinicians, and that’s, that’s involved a whole new skill set around leadership and management, which I had no training for. You just start and I, I’ve enjoyed this very much. There’s, it’s been a rapid learning curve both because, because there’s new scientific avenues involved in that work but also the kind of leadership skills that you need for that are something that I haven’t or hadn’t had to work on before.

Have you been on any sort of special management or leadership courses to help you?

No and I probably should have. But actually once I got the award I was so busy just, just you know running it at that point, that I didn’t have the preparation that, that, that I think would have been good beforehand. But anyway I, I am learning.

Are most of your grant applications, are you the single applicant or do you have co-applicants?

They’re a mixture now. So the Stratified Medicine Consortium, like I said there’s 22 applicants on that, so that’s a very big and actually that’s another skill set to try to write a grant that’s involving lots of people and to co-ordinate that is a different skill you know process to writing one for yourself. So I’m at the point where I, I do both of those or I have done both of those.

And where did the money come from for that consortium? That work.

Medical Research Council.