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Women in Science

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Video clip: Xin sits on a review committee. She has learnt that applicants need to propose a project that is both new and feasible and which addresses the question which the funders want answered.

I presume you’ve written many grant applications, or helped with many over the years?


Have you got any tips for people writing grant applications?

Right, I think a tip for anyone writing a grant application is that they need to really demonstrate clear thinking, they need to have a clear understanding of what are the important questions they are trying to address and why they are the best person to address them, and how they are going to address them. And that needs to be laid out, very importantly, clearly. It’s about novelty and then feasibility. That’s really two important things they need to think through.


Yeah, feasibility yes.

Is it always clear where you should apply to? Or is that sometimes a difficult decision?

I think it’s, in our area it’s not too difficult. There are quite a lot of funding agencies and then there are specific calls. Well maybe this is another word of advice for young people, that is, before they apply for a grant, please do read what the call is about. I am on review committees quite a lot, and I read people’s applications. Sometimes they actually apply to a specific call without even addressing the question the call was about. That would not be a good idea.