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Women in Science

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Video clip: Priyanka was initially hesitant in applying for a post-doc at Oxford, but did so after encouragement from her supervisor.

Well I was doing a PhD in in Australia at UNSW Canberra and I was getting towards the finishing of my thesis and looking for, looking for an opportunity in research because I enjoyed it so much, the kind of creativity and being able to influence the ideas and the solutions. So my supervisor actually recommended that I applied to Oxford because he had contacts here and there was an opportunity coming up for a post-doctoral research position and initially I was very hesitant because, you know, it's Oxford I'd never even considered it as an option before but because of my supervisor's encouragement I decided to apply and just give it a go and managed to get an interview and, you know, everything went well and I was here within three months of the interview itself and so here I am, four years later.