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Women in Science

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Kylie VincentInterview excerpt: Kylie explains how she has had good support from supervisors and mentors all through her career.

And what sort of support have you had during that time?

I've had some really good supervisors and mentors along the way. So my PhD supervisor was fantastically supportive and, and helped me to apply for the scholarships that let me do some of the research overseas. Encouraged me to, to build up those collaborations that let me do that. My postdoc supervisor again was fantastically supportive and particularly in things like training me how to write academic papers and, you know, sitting down beside me and helping me sort of edit papers and that stood me in really good stead as I've done the same thing with my group now to start to pass on those skills. And then probably the most important thing was the, my postdoc supervisor giving me the push to apply for Fellowships for independent Fellowships after a number of years of postdoc work because I think I would have lacked the confidence to go and do that myself and I really needed someone to say, “Yes, you're good enough to do this. You can, you know, go ahead and apply.” Because I would have probably worried that I wasn't capable of going to the next level and, and applying for independent Fellowships and I guess someone to verify my ideas and say, “Yes, they are good ideas. That is a good project to apply for. It's really hard at that early career stage to know when to have confidence in yourself or, you know, whether you've got the perspective right on whether the research ideas you have are really sort of international quality research or not and it's, you need people who are going to give you that confidence and help you decide whether what you're doing is sensible and [laughs] possible and the right sort of balance of risk and reward and all that sort of, yeah, that sort of thing.

So that's been the most important thing for me, I guess in having some supervisors and, and mentors who, who were able to, yeah, just give me the confidence to go for it and yeah.