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Women in Science

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Audio clip: Persephone enjoyed the project she was doing during her undergraduate degree and got on well with her supervisor, who gave her the chance to do a PhD. It was funded by her Cambridge college. 

So you finished your science degree at Cambridge?

Yes, and in the final year of your undergraduate degree, you do a lab-based project, and I’d chosen a project that combined immunology and virology, which were the two subjects that I was studying. So I was looking at immune responses in a virus infection, and the supervisor that I had for that project actually was somebody who I’d got on extremely well with, I’d really enjoyed working in his group for my undergraduate project and I was lucky because I was able to obtain financial support from my College actually to do a PhD, and my undergraduate project supervisor offered me a project in his group. So, I actually then stayed on at Cambridge and continued to do a PhD.