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Women in Science

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Video clip: Bryony’s supervisor obtained funding for Bryony to do a PhD from the MRC through what was then called The Capacity Building Studentship Scheme.

How did you get funding for your PhD?

Oh yes, so I was funded by the MRC. They have what they called Capacity Building Studentships which they funded in areas of research that they thought were going to be very important, so at the time, stem cells and small RNAs that had just been discovered were kind of, that was viewed as an area of strategic importance, so that’s where the funding came from.

And did you have to apply for that?

Yes. So the way that worked was the MRC had identified that as a project and my supervisor had said, ‘I will create a project for this money’. So I didn’t apply for the funding separately. I applied for the project as a whole which came with the funding.

You saw that advertised?

Yes. There were a lot of resources and it wasn’t the only one I applied for. I applied for four or five and got through interviews for three, and didn’t get them. Then this was, I had two on the table at the end actually and chose that one.

So it was like applying for a job. Rather than having to worry about applying for the funding at that stage.

That’s right, yes. So all the PhDs I applied for were funded positions.