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Women in Science

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Video clip: Spin-offs offer the opportunity to translate research into patient benefit, which Angela is immensely proud to have achieved.

And it brings me onto a really important point which is that one of the things that I think is fundamentally important is that, as a scientist who's working in a discipline that ultimately has patient benefit, we become involved ourselves in the translation of our research to the clinic. So it's not something that actually I'd thought about so much as a young scientist very early in my career but it's something I've placed increasing importance on. So there's something that I've become involved in that's fundamental to this which is setting up spin out companies and actually trying to set up a mechanism by which we can genuinely translate the findings from our research into clinical practice.

And then the final question is what do you see as your main achievement, I think you probably answered that?

So far, well producing two children and spin out companies [laughter]. So what I'm most proud of, was probably the best way to answer that question, is that I've driven myself to where we are and probably the best evidence of where we're going because I wouldn't say I've realised all I've wanted, to realise now I'm certainly in an early stage of my career, there's still a lot that I want to achieve. But we've made good progress and I think setting up OxStem, my second company, and what that's been able to deliver in terms of really opening the doors in this area of regenerative medicine and the concept that we're doing here, that we're trying to pursue here has been fundamentally important.

And I'm really proud that down in my lab now there are 20 researchers who are there because of OxStem and they're all there under my mentorship and obviously others, I didn't set up OxStem alone, I was in collaboration across the university, to deliver on our ambition. Yes that makes me immensely proud.