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Women in Science

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Video clip: Having a great mentor has been very helpful for Amy as she has developed as an entrepreneur.

As a fledgling entrepreneur, I would say that when speaking specifically to women who are thinking of going down that path, I think the key is, get yourself a great mentor and I've come back to this a few times about the great mentors that I've had and I have. So, my PhD supervisor, [Name] she's an absolute advocate for excellent science and for women in science and without her entrepreneurial spirit, which I believe was instilled in her partly by her PhD. supervisor Professor [Name], who I also work closely with, has really helped me to grow as an entrepreneur in that sense. And actually, actually we have, we're sort of the product of the people we work with, I think, and in terms of just having the guts to go and start it, I think having someone to bounce that idea off could be really, really excellent [laughs].