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Women in Science

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Video clip: Hazel explains why it can be helpful and enjoyable to have links and collaborate with industry

There's a couple of routes that I use which is they can either fund a piece of research or be involved in a collaboration where a company's involved in part of a collaboration. So we may well go for some UK government funding from whatever Research Council but, but with an industrial partner involved. But we also do, do work on the manufacturing side as kind of services to industry type work where companies will pay a certain fee for access to equipment to do particular service work and that's very useful for keeping the show on the road financially, if you like. But it's also has in some cases, they've done some, a little bit of work with us that way and shown some interest and that's led onto research collaboration as well. So….

Is that something you enjoy working with Industry and…?

I do enjoy it. Largely, as I say, because of the motivation of actually wanting to solve problems that people want solved if you like, then somebody's going to go and make something with it. And so, it's a good source of ideas of something that, that's applied and also then you can relate it to other things. So the challenge often is then to further identify what are the interesting problems, interesting from, from a company's point of view in terms of potential product but also meshing in with interesting science and something, something that we can contribute to. So that, that's interesting and I genuinely gain from it but, like you say, it is quite a big investment of time potentially and keeping up those, that work, if you like, that takes work and time.