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Women in Science

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Kylie VincentInterview excerpt: Kylie explains that spin-offs are hard work, but provide value beyond writing papers.

So suggesting to me it has quite a supportive atmosphere for doing this sort of work, is that, is that the case and that helps?

Yes, yes, there's, I mentioned that I have, so I've, it's actually sort of seeing colleagues go through some of this sort of starting spin outs and struggling through, trying to get through rounds of financing and seeing the difficulties but also the excitement of making it through to next levels of success that is in inspirational but also, yeah, you sort of realise how hard this can be. But it is a, increasingly I think there's a currency of commercialisation of research alongside academic papers and things, so it's not, you're not judged only on your papers, you're also judged on what you've done in this sort of translation activity and there is a real buzz of excitement around that in the department I think and the [twelve] companies in the department must be, yeah just in very recent times I think because there's a huge number that have spun out in total from Chemistry over the, yeah, last years.