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Women in Science

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Kylie VincentInterview excerpt: Kylie describes how collaborating with industry has added value to her research interests.

And then there's been a few surprises. So there's things where we've got some Industry projects where we've discovered things that we think are really obvious that they've just sort of never really discovered and we can't quite believe that they've never discovered this. But I think there is, it shows the value of these academic Industry collaborations that just the different approach to us be able to sort of approach around the problem instead of having a target and just saying, you know, “We're going to get to this level of scale up or we're going to get to, you know, so instead of having a really real target like that we can work around the problem a little bit more,” and if we see something interesting exploring off to the side a little bit to follow up those angles and it's meant that we've found some quite interesting things that we can then go back to our Industrial colleagues with.

So it's, it's been fun to see a bit of science that I'm excited about make it out into, to get attention from people in Industry and I think it's the fact that the technology that we're seeking to develop does actually come out of some really fun science that helps to get attention for it and, and makes it a sort of nice story to tell. But also sort of that I guess hearing from Industry what's needed makes it quite fun to direct the science because it gives us a whole new lot of goals or benchmarks that we're aiming for and the links with Industry have given us access to new enzymes that we might not have otherwise had access to, through Industry collaborations and things like that. So yeah, yeah, so all round a whole lot of sort of new opportunities that have come from that.