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Women in Science

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Video clip: Helen talks about the ‘brilliant’ support she has had from a male mentor who has suggested she should not leave having children until too late.

Ah, have you ever had a mentor?

Yes, yes. So in all those discussions the person who has sort of looked after me during my Academic Clinical Fellowship has been absolutely brilliant, and really, really supportive and really, really supportive of women in medicine. His main point to me has always been, ‘Have children as soon as possible, don’t leave it too late.’ He’s just incredibly supportive, and you know he’s, a few of my colleagues and you know at similar stages have had children during their, during their ACF [Academic Clinical Fellowship] and he’s been so supportive and so absolutely thrilled for them, even though it is a little bit of a kind of an organisational headache for him if he has to sort out maternity leave and things. But yeah he’s been brilliant.


And I think that makes a really big difference having a really supportive mentor that you can go to.

Okay so he’s obviously male from what you said?

Yes, yes exactly and I suppose the fact that he’s male, you know you might think that he wouldn’t understand the issues, relevant, but actually I think he, I think he, he really does and I think that’s really important.