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Women in Science

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Video clip: Molly has several mentors to whom she can turn for advice. They have been a tremendous help, especially now that she has started her own lab.

Do you have a mentor?

Yes several.

And do you think that’s helpful?

Absolutely, my mentor, I mean I’m, I’m extremely lucky to have several mentors that are all mentors for slightly different things. And not all of them, in fact most of them are not here in Oxford, most of them are, are elsewhere but I’m extremely blessed to have mentors who are there for me when complicated situations arise that I can turn to for advice.

And, and that, that has been sort of a combination of actively seeking out mentors but also just cultivating, cultivating relationships with colleagues that already existed, but oftentimes you will, you will, you will have an interaction with, with a more senior colleague where there’s a rapport there that, that suggests it could develop into a mentorship, and so I’ve pursued those as well. But yeah, oh my goodness I’m so grateful for my mentors. I, the last year especially has been really challenging because starting your own lab, and transitioning to independence, all of these situations pop up that you’ve never dealt with before, and they’re really, they’re really oftentimes very stressful situations dealing with different people, concerns about how to move forward, and, and having mentors to help you navigate that is essential.