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Women in Science

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Video clip: Tao has had some wonderful mentors. One taught her how to face difficult situations and told her not to worry about titles or positions with the science being the most important thing.

I think you said that you’ve never felt at a disadvantage because of your, being Chinese. Is that right?

Yeah, yeah. I never felt that because Oxford I think is, is quite international. We have people from all over the world and my head of department, he, he was very open minded. He really values, yeah, he really values regardless of what ethnic group you are and gender. He values work without any bias, opinion was always very helpful. Even now, he’s kind of retired from his position, he’s still my mentor. And also my supervisor who is a senior woman and extremely helpful and has been a role model. And I also have a mentor who has passed away two years ago. She is a tremendous woman and an immunologist. A very well-known immunologist and she has been helping me and like giving me advice for the past fifteen years…

Fifteen years.

Yes, extremely helpful and went through with me all these up and down stages and giving me advice.

Is that somebody in China or here?

Here. Yes, she is…

She was an important mentor.

She was extremely important mentor and really encouraged me to become, think more about what I want, how to face the difficult situations and basically I think she said, ‘Just laugh about it, whatever happens and life will go on. Don’t, don’t worry about your title, your positions, everything. Science is the most important thing.’