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Women in Science

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Video clip: Alison had a mentor in her surgical role and now has strong mentorship to support her research.

All this time through your career have you had what might be called a mentor or someone to encourage you?

Yes, I mean as a surgeon I had a mentor when I became interested in vascular surgery who was another woman who was a vascular Consultant and that was, that was relatively unusual. When I became a Consultant then I’m, I don’t think I’ve had a mentor in clinical terms really. But as a researcher I’ve had very strong mentorship.

And is it, have you found that helpful?

Oh yes marvellous. I mean as I said when we started to do the, think about the trial they were actually involved in the first one of these trials and said, ‘You know, well we can work on this’, so it’s been a very, a very productive relationship really and very helpful.