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Women in Science

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Video clip: Marta found there were few female role models in her field as it is quite young, resulting in her becoming a role model for others.

Have you had, can you identify mentors across your working career?

Yes. I suppose there weren't that many role models, especially female role models. For me because in my subject they don't exist. In science, my role model was Marie Curie. There have been several people who've given me good advice over the years and inspired me to go in a particular direction.

And have they tended to be male or female?

Yes, in my case they were male.

They were male, yeah.

They were male. Yes.

And have you acted in a mentor role for younger staff?

Yes, I have been a mentor and I've just been recognised [in the award of EATCS Fellowship] also for acting as a role model. When I say a role model I mean a role model in the sense of not just an academic; I am also a wife, a mother, so someone who has responsibilities at home. In that sense I didn't know women in my area who were in the same situation, but my subject is a very young subject.

*Text changed by participant.