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Women in Science

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Video clip: Angela's mentors have supported her to overcome any gender barriers she felt or experienced.

I've been incredibly fortunate in that the mentorship that I've had over the course of my career, I've had, obviously [Name] who I've mentioned already who's been an extremely strong and an incredible, influential figure for me, going through my career. But also [Name] who's really nurtured me from very early on, he supervised me for my PhD and, you know, we still maintain contact. And in anybody who's acted as a mentor to me has always made me feel that there's nothing I can't achieve on the basis of being a woman and I think that's really important, because you've got to believe that and it's something that I would pass on to anyone coming into science. There is no reason that we, as women, can't achieve exactly what any man is achieving.

If you see barriers there will be barriers and I think, and as I say, I think it speaks to the mentorship that I've received that I've never been made to feel or see that there are barriers or there should be barriers there, and so I firmly believe that there aren't or there shouldn't. So the other thing of course I'm in the, it's not just an academic arena that I work in but through the spin out activity in the bio-technology sector and that's also a very male dominated arena, but still, you know, women entrepreneurs and women leaders in business and biotech and pharma are growing in the same way as that's growing in academia and that really there should be no barriers there either.