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Women in Science

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Video clip: To apply for the title of professor, Jenny needed support from her head of department, an up-to-date CV and a number of people who were willing to act as referees.

When did you become a professor?

In October 2010. So I’ve been professor now for four years, yes, four years.

And what’s the process of becoming a professor here?

So, it’s a professor by distinction. So again it’s an application process, the same as the Readership process. It’s all changed slightly now, but fundamentally you check with your Head of Department that they’re willing to support your application and then you put together an application. You put together your CV, demonstrating what improvements you’ve made since your last application, which for me was my readership. You indicate a series of people who would be suitable referees for you and then you submit your application and hope for the best.