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Women in Science

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Video clip: Leanne was encouraged to apply for Recognition of Distinction. She says that at the time she didn’t think she was at the right level to apply for it and might have waited another year before applying.


Some people suggest that women aren’t promoted because they don’t apply to be promoted, or don’t want to be promoted. Have you got any thoughts on that?

I can understand the, I can understand where that comes from actually, because well I recently got Recognition of Distinction, but I wouldn’t have applied for it. And it’s partly because I didn’t think I was at the level to apply for it, but then I was encouraged to apply for it from my head of department and, and head of OCDEM. I thought I needed a lot more, so I can understand that to one degree. Whereas I think, yeah I personally would have probably waited another year.

Before you applied?

Yes, or thought of applying.