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Women in Science

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Video clip: Kay attended a management course, which gave her confidence. She also went on a leadership course which she found ‘hugely helpful’.

Are there certain courses that you think are useful for women to attend in order to help them progress in their careers?

I think going on a management course, I never thought I’d hear myself say this, is incredibly important because it gives you confidence. If you do a one to one assessment with somebody about your abilities, it’s very important to recognise how far you can you go and how best to apply your skills and at what level. If nobody really has that conversation with you, you, then it’s very difficult to be that self-analytical. I think you need to be. You don’t want to be over promoted and you don’t want to under achieve.

It’s extremely important to have that early on, and actually this university does a Leadership course for people that wanted to be vice chancellors and a vice chancellor here nominated me and paid for this course and it did change my life. I thought it was going to be complete rubbish. It taught me a lot about myself. It taught me about, you know, people told me what impression I gave them when I walked into a room and I just did not know what impact I had before. Nor, you know, what my weaknesses and strengths were and it’s hugely helpful and I came back from that course and decided I didn’t want to be a vice chancellor, by the way, but it was by no means wasted and I think more of that and the university runs those sorts of courses that women ought to take advantage. You learn a lot.