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Women in Science

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Video clip: Marella attended a week long course called ‘Women Transforming Leadership’. She learnt that confidence doesn’t equal competence and she found it very empowering.

So I was thinking, ‘Now where am I going to find that [a business executive coach]?’

And I thought that the business school might have something and then I came across a programme that they were running, ‘Women transforming Leadership.’ And they were running that for the first time and it was like in three weeks’ time from when I stumbled across it.

So, and I went to that and that was actually probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself to go to that programme because it was energising, it was incredibly energising and not a complaining session at all.

And it was also pointed out that confidence doesn’t equal competence and actually since then, I was already getting better with my confidence but since that programme I just think like, ‘Well’, apparently confidence, whether you’re confident or not doesn’t really mean anything whether you’re competent or not so let’s just ignore that whole feeling.