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Women in Science

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Video clip: Alison pushed for promotion to Professor to help be taken seriously by research councils.

I have in other, in other institutions certainly but it's difficult to really identify, the reason, when I went for the title of Professor there was no money attached, the reason I did it was because I found at research councils two horrible things were happening. One was that, of course when you're on a research council panel all the research council staff have got doctorates and I was the only one around the table other than research council staff who didn't have the title of Professor, and the result was that my views were not being taken as seriously as everybody else. And actually of course I was also the only woman, because in mathematical sciences that's very often the case.

The other objectionable thing was actually I did find it objectionable that they weren't treating the research council staff with a bit more dignity but from my own perspective, I didn't want to be going to these panels and not be taken seriously as an academic, I mean what was the point?