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Women in Science

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Video clip: Kristina feels people can sometimes be too loyal to an institution and recommends moving or changing jobs regularly.

Yes, no I think it's important. I think people get too loyal to the institutions sometimes and organisations and hope that if, they will reward. There's this hope. I will be rewarded. You know, try to be a bit realistic. It's not that bad to change jobs. It's fantastic. I mean I really, truly I've changed for various reasons and I really have enjoyed it and when you show up at a new place there's all these new fantastic things and you don't see, every organisation has its problems and you will notice that people complain about their organisations and it's so refreshing to leave those old wounds and come to a new place and say, “Oh but these things are great.” And remember that there's no perfect place, but you know, think about what's realistic to expect and becoming bitter, not everyone has a choice, that's very true. But becoming bitter is not the best, it's not that good for you.