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Women in Science

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Video clip: Jamie’s first publication was a review for the Cochrane Group. Getting it published was really exciting and a very positive experience.

What was it like getting published in your early career?

So my first publication was a review for the Cochrane Group and that was really exciting. I think I would have found it really exciting anyways but having worked in Publishing for so long I found it so exciting to be the person whose name was on something, because I used to work behind the scenes a lot on this things and sometimes kind of ended up rewriting whole chapters of books and would never particularly be acknowledged for it. So in that sense it was even more exciting. In some ways it was quite scary because you are putting yourselves out there in a way and I thought this is probably the first time I’m really opening myself up to criticism on a wide scale but I had a very positive experience of it and it was, yeah it was thrilling to be honest. Yes, yes, really exciting.