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Women in Science

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Video clip: Eleanor's first submission was published, but she has found it is not always that easy.

What was it like getting published early on? Did you find that hard?

Again, I think I had an incredibly unrealistic experience of this. I was encouraged to publish a paper. So I wrote it and sent it in. It got published [laughing].

As was this as a doctoral student?

Yes, and I thought 'great, this is easy' [laughing]. I only later discovered that's not easy at all. And I think I was on to my fifth paper before I got a really, really nasty review back, and I was horrified. 'What did I do? What went wrong? Why is this person being so horrible to me?' [laughing]. And then you sort of talk to people and realise oh no that's normal - this is how you deal with it. And I think again, as I've moved away from engineering where the journals are not hugely well read, the impact factors aren't that high, into the much more competitive fields where people are publishing in these very high journals. And then you realise that the gloves come off and it's quite tough.