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Women in Science

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Video clip: In Marta's field authorship is usually determined alphabetically, but someone still needs to lead writing the paper.

So, there was no issues around authorship order or?

No, because in my area the authorship tends to be alphabetical.

Oh okay.

We don't have the typical first author, senior author roles. It tends to be alphabetical.

And how does that work in terms of organising the work of writing the paper?

When I work with students there is always someone who has to 'own' the paper. They don't have to write the whole paper but I advise them on how to, and also work on the structure of the paper, the contribution, etc. Then one needs to organise the contributions from the others, but ultimately the paper needs to be written, and re-written, by one person (which is something I often do) to make it coherent and linguistically consistent.

*Text changed by participant.