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Women in Science

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Interview excerpt: Katja says that it’s normal in her field that for every paper published you probably get a couple of rejections, which is just part of the job.

Portrait of Katja Gehmlich© Women in ScienceSo going back to publications, I can see you’ve got a very good publication record already, how has it been getting work published?

It’s tedious. It’s a lot of negative memories because for every publication you get accepted, you have a couple of rejections beforehand which is part of the nature of the game because you aim high, so it may not go in to a journal first time. But that means the overall net feeling is just a feeling of being rejected and then there’s this one or two ups where something is accepted. But that’s part of the game.

I found it interesting that a clinical colleague when he did a period of time doing full time research in the lab, he said the most difficult thing he found was to cope with all these frustrations researchers encounter in their daily life, because failure, rejections and criticism are just part of the job.